After you have decided on the shape and location of your sail, several considerations must be taken into account before studying its structure. A suitable design will allow your shade sail to properly perform its functions, whether it is a paved courtyard, a garden, a parking, a wooden terrace, or a pool.

  • Are there any nearby structures that could be used to set the sail ?
  • What is the soil type if there is a need to place poles ?
  • Is the covered area highly exposed to bad weather ?

These are technical aspects, once properly addressed, will allow you to have a nice sail, well established and highly durable.

If you install a sail in four corners, you must predefine high and low anchorage points. The inclination of the sail when defined allows water to run off during heavy rains, it will withstand more wear, and your sail will look great.

If the area is very exposed to winds, steel or stainless steel posts are a better choice than wood, which is less resistant. Before digging to place the concrete that will support the poles, make sure that there is no wiring or pipe which passes underground at that location.

If you plan anchorage points on adjacent structures, do not underestimate the strength of the pull exerted. They multiply by bad weather. In case of doubt, consult an engineer, and do not hesitate to remove your sails when there is a storm warning.

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